President: Scott Newman
Vice President: Rod Roberts
Secretary: Carly Tracey
Assistant Secretary: TBA
Treasurer: Carly Tracey
Registrar: Mark Riddiough
Assistant Registrar: Carly Tracey
Gear Steward: Matt Eisenhauer
A Grade Delegate: Clinton Dodds
Junior League: Rod Roberts,Scott Newman
Junior Development Officer: Clinton Dodds
Social Secretary Loz Duffield, Carly Tracey, Zoe Monk
Grounds Maintenance Brett Eisenhauer, Scott Johnson
Directors: Carly Tracey,Paul Woollett, Clinton Dodds, Rod Roberts, Matt Lodge, Matt Eisenhauer, Loz Duffield


Grade Position Name Phone
A Grade Coach Scott Johnson 0477-012-526
  Manager Lloyd Gray 0422-168-484
Ladies Coach Lisa Fiola 0432-051-245
  Manager Tam Brown 0432-344-586
U19s Coach Tom Cook 0403-152-230
  Manager Rhys Holohan  0403-496-632
 U16s Coach Scott Newman 0438-788-745
  Manager TBC TBC
U14s Coach Laurie Duffield 0414-966812
  Manager TBC TBC
U13s Coach Ben Riddiough 0468-332-632
  Manager Mark Riddiough 0466-250-696 
U12s Coach Dan Page 0427-176-240
  Manager  TBC TBC
U11s Coach  Scott Featherstone 0411-594-703
  Manager TBC TBC
U10s Coach Dean Lythall 0402-018-803
  Manager Belinda Woollett 0402-851-619
U9s Coach Cameron Anderson 0421-052-968
  Manager Carly Tracey 0438-617-722
U8s Coach Matt Eisenhauer 0403 599 715
  Manager Nicole Christie
U7s Coach  Scott Newman 0438-788-745
U6s Coach Harrison Newman
  Manager  Scott Newman 0438-788-745

Ferrets Home Ground “Ferretville”
Located at the foot of Currie Rd, Forestville, see map below.

To get there:
Turn into Currie Rd from Warringah Rd at “Marina” service station and continue all the way down into the reserve. Park in the parking area at the southern end of the ground.