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Safety Issues to Consider


Although many kids want to play League its not uncommon for parents to be concerned:

Will the kids get hurt in a tackle?
Is the game too rough?

First of all, for 15-year-olds and under, there is special Safeplay Code that takes the matter of safety very seriously. You will find a link to the code document at the bottom, so you can download it and print it out. It’s a good idea to do so.

At very young age levels, under 6, 7 and 8, the “tackles” are more like hugs. The games are full of girls and boys playing together.

Of course, children are taught from early on, how tackles should be made so they don’t hurt themselves or others.

For example, tackles above the armpits are strictly forbidden and penalised, with the offending player immediately spoken to by the referee.

To add to the safety of the game, at the under 6 and under 7 level, the team coach is actually on the field with the players during the game and at all junior game levels there is a qualified Junior League referee on the field to not only monitor the rules of the game but to help the coach to develop the teams to play correctly and fairly.

The rules are specially modified with small children in mind, and differ quite markedly from the rugby league you see on TV.

All coaches and team assistants who have access to the playing field are required to undergo an intensive league safety course, which covers first-aid and safety.

At all levels there is at least one, but often more, specially trained and qualified first aid officers at the sideline.


National Code of Conduct 2014

NSWRL Policies & Procedures Manual April 2016