Round 16 & Elimination Semis

Our Ferrets teams games are as follows for Saturday 11th of August:


U6 Gala Day @8:30am – Hitchcock Park, Avalon

U7 Gala Day @9:30am – Hitchcock Park, Avalon

U8 vs Avalon @11:00am – Hitchcock Park, Avalon

U9 vs Narrabeen B @11:30am –Ferretville (Qualifying Final)

U10 vs Harbord W @10:30am – Ferretville (Elimination Final)

U11W vs Belrose @12:00pm – St Matthews Farm (Elimination Final)

U11M vs Narrabeen @12:00pm – Lake Park (Elimination Final)

U12 vs Harbord @1:00pm – Harbord Park

U13 Forfeit

U14 vs Mona Vale @1:45pm – Newport Oval


A Grade and the Ladies have a rest this week.


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