How to Register and Pay Fees


Registering to join the Forestville Ferrets season as a player, coach, volunteer or match official is simple!

Step 1 – Go to and click Register

Step 2 – Select the type of participant you wish to register as – Player, Coach, Trainer, Referee or Volunteer

Step 3 – Selecting your Club and Age Group

  • Search for a club in your area by entering your suburb or postcode
  • A list of clubs will display in your select area
  • Select the club you wish to join – Forestville Ferrets!
  • A map of the location of the club will display and a button ‘Register Now’ or ‘Register Interest’
    • ‘Register Now’ means that your club is open to accept registrations
    • ‘Register Interest’ means that your club is not yet open for registrations, but you can register an ‘expression of interest’ and we will notify you by email you as soon as they are open
  • Follow the steps at to complete the form and pay your fees