Radiance Hair

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Invest in your hair it’s the crown you never take off


An exceptional team of artists that all bring a sense of themselves to the team to create a unique experience for you

Our tier system reflects the experience, education and expertise of our wonderful stylists. We ensure that all of our stylists are provide professional care at any level.

A complete range of treatments, extras, products and other services are also available. Your stylist will be happy to suggest what’s best for you.



Creative Directors

Salon Owner

1⁄4 Head Foils Short $70.00 $88.00 $110.00
1⁄4 Head Foils Med-Long $80.00 $98.50 $120.00
1⁄2 Head Foils Short -Med $80.00 $102.00 $125.00
1⁄2 Head Foils Long $102.00 $129.50 $155.00
Full Head Foils Short $102.00 $129.50 $155.00
Full Head Foils Medium $125.00 $158.00 $190.00
Full Head Foils Long $165.00 $207.00 $250.00

Be Bold

Whatever you can do or dream with your hair you can try it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

Be Daring

Be unapologetic about who you are,and how you like to wear your hair and the value it will add to you.

Be Beautiful

Let your hair be its own kind of beautiful.

Be You

Let your hair glow.